At Ercan Airport

Which has 2 car parks to choose from; there is a low-cost private car park outside, in addition to the official car park inside the area. You can safely leave your car in off-site parking lot at affordable prices.

ย Please note that we only provide information about private off-site car parking options that we recommend for use.


Ercan Airport Official Parking Fees (Park & Walk)

Type of CarsBetween
0-15 min.
16 min. -
1 Hour
1-2 hours
2-6 hours
6-12 hours
12 hours (daily)
Small AutoFree70โ‚บ150โ‚บ250โ‚บ300โ‚บ400โ‚บ

Official On Site Airport Parking Area
Small Auto daily price is 400 Turkish Lira (Aproximately โ‰ƒ 12 Euro Per Day)

Last Update: 09/02/2024 (For informational purposes only.)
Ercan Airport car park management may change prices anytime. For this reason, parking lot employees and do not accept any responsibility.

ADVERTISEMENT - Off-site Airport Parking Area โฌ‡๏ธ

Ercan Off-Site Airport Private Parking Area Prices (Park & Ride)

Long and Short Stay Off-Site Airport Parking Prices (Park & Ride)
Quick Door-to-Door Shuttle Service and Online Pre-Booking Available (Below Euro prices, which are lower costs than official parking)
Car Parking
Park & Ride
Up to 14 Days
Park & Ride
Above 15 Days
Park & Ride
Minimum Charges
Park & Ride
Monthly Charges
Open Air
Per Day
Per Day
Min. Total
Per Month
Car Cover
Per Day
Per Day
Min. Total
Per Month
Indoor VIP
Per Day
Per Day
Min. Total
Per Month

Park and Ride to Ercan Airport

  1. Are you searching for Ercan Airport car parking? Discover our private low-cost car parking facility, conveniently located just a 5-minute ride away from Ercan Airport’s doors. With only a 10-minute drive to the gates, we provide a quick and accessible parking solution.
  2. ย Please note that we only provide information about private car parking options that we recommend for use.

Official car parking is available inside the Ercan Airport area, but we do not offer any services or parking guidance for the official parking.

Our fantastic private parking deals include indoor and outdoor options, short or long-stay car parks, as well as Park and Ride or Meet and Greet services. Book today and save up to 15%! Ercan International Airport parking non official garage offers parking spot for around 100 vehicles.

Ercan Airport Car Parking

Parking at Ercan Airport North Cyprus is very easy with us and safe.

Car Parking Options

  • Short Stay
  • Long Stay
  • Valet Parking
  • Business Parking
  • Meet & Greet

ย Picking-up and Droping-off Someone to Ercan Airport

You can go thru drive to the airport doors front. pick-up and drop-off passengers in a very short time is allowed. Official car park inside the airport area is 0-15 minutes is free of charge.

We are Private Low-Cost, Economic Car Park at Ercan Airport Location

Ercan Airport Long Term Parking, Our service is available at Ercan Airport location. Instead of Ercan Airport Offical car parking place you will find us easy and close location with low cost prices. Only Pre-Book Space Available!

airport parking 1
ayaz otopark 2
ayaz otopark 1

Pre-book your space

Pre-booking is the only way to guarantee your space and your price

Close to the terminal

Parking options within a short walk or quick shuttle transfer from check-in

Exclusive offers

Up to 15% off from airport parking when booked with us.

CCTV Cameras

24/7 Hours CCTV Watching Car Park

Security Personnel

Security Personnel Waiting in the Car Park

Valet Parking

Our valet service options available

Ercan Airport Parking Fees

Below ย Cost of Parking at Ercan Airport expense structure given beneath is for data purposes just and can change with no earlier notice or cautioning. Ercan Airport Parking fees are very low cost with us.ย Please note you can anytime Amend or Cancel your booking without hassle and no fee!

Car Wash

When you return you get washed your car!

Just Lock Your Car Yourself and Go!

  • 24/7 CCTV Cameras Recording
  • 24/7 Security Personnel
  • Low-Cost, Economic Prices
  • No Que! No Waiting!
  • Park and walk thru just 5 minutes to Airport Doors
Car Parking Monitoring

๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ Car Parking Booking for Private Area

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Ercan Airport Pickup & Drop off

๐ŸคตPick-up & Drop-off

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What is the Ercan Airport car parking charges?

You can check our website page to see updates charges on its booking system online.

Can I drive from south Cyprus to Ercan Airport and park my car?

Yes!, You can park your car safe at Ercan Airport this is easy way to travel between south and north.